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As a new client, what can I expect the process to look like?

5 Steps to Simplify Wealth Management

Step 1:
Discovery Meeting

During the discovery meeting, a Financial Advisor will listen and find out about your unique situation. We listen to your goals and objectives and start outlining next steps and considerations.

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Step 2:

Your Service Team guides you through every step of the onboarding process. Securely upload your current financial statements, and we give you a clear plan for asset movement.


Step 3:
Customized Plan

Team up with your Financial Advisor for in-depth strategy sessions regarding financial planning and investment management. Build a customized roadmap tailored to your specific goals and objectives.


Step 4:

Meet with your Financial Advisor to implement your investment strategy and continue the planning process.


Step 5:
Ongoing Guidance

Receive ongoing guidance from your Advisor with a regular cadence of meetings. Rest assured, and let our boutique team of fiduciaries look out for you and your family.
We are a boutique team of financial professionals that cares about you and your family. As fiduciaries, acting in your best interest is our standard. Our core services fall into two categories:

Financial Planning

Many of our clients begin with a personalized financial plan, encompassing goals such as retirement, education, and legacy planning. Our high-touch, highly personalized service helps you create a financial plan that will grow with you over time, adapting to milestones and life changes as you navigate your way to a financially independent life.


Investment Management

Our seasoned investment professionals will craft a strategy designed to optimize and capture market growth while diversifying portfolio risk. From asset allocation to manager selection, we construct portfolios that align with your risk and return objectives, cognizant of minimizing the impact of taxes.

Hear from our clients

These testimonials were provided by current clients of MA Private Wealth. These clients were not compensated for these testimonials. No material conflicts of interest exist since these clients were not compensated nor did they receive any other benefit for providing this content.


Here are some helpful answers to commonly asked questions about MA Private Wealth

Are your firm’s Advisors considered fiduciaries?

Yes. All of our Financial Advisors are fiduciaries, which means that we act on your behalf with your best financial interests in mind. Not only are we legally required to do this, but it’s our mission to practice financial management with honesty, integrity, and transparency. A non-fiduciary Advisor does what is suitable for you. We do what is best for you.

Is your firm compensated by commissions?

No. MA Private Wealth is a fee-only firm. We aim to stand apart from other firms that pay Advisors commissions, incentivizing brokers on the number of trades they make rather than doing what’s best for you as the client. This also means that we have no incentive to invest in any company-sponsored investment vehicles that might not be advantageous for you. You can learn more about how we design cost-effective portfolios here.

What is wealth management?

Wealth management can be thought of as a combination of financial planning and investment management. Our Advisors start by listening to your goals and objectives. From there, we craft an interactive financial plan that we update with you regularly as life evolves. During the planning process, we analyze your current investments and create a customized investment strategy for you. Our goal is to make the wealth management process simple, designed with you and your family in mind.

How do you manage money?

We manage your investment portfolio with three pillars at the forefront: intellect, design, and execution.  We partner with institutional intellect to leverage the research of economists and investment specialists in designing sophisticated models.  We then customize these models factoring in quality, risk profile, and cost.  Designed with liquidity in mind, portfolios are filtered through a tax lens to consider potential liabilities. 

We review and adjust these models on a quarterly basis with the agility to strategically respond during times of volatility and rapid change in the markets.  You can expect strategic insights each time your investment accounts are updated and continuous communication with your advisory team.

How do I know when the right time is to work with an Advisor?

Many clients begin working with us once they reach a point when their financial plan is unclear, and they do not have a sophisticated investment strategy. It is critical to have these two fundamental elements in place whether you're preparing for retirement, a change in employment, or simply for your future. If you are not 100% confident in how you are managing your own financial future, now is the time to connect with our team.

As a new client, what can I expect the process to look like?

Upon your initial reach out to us, a Relationship Manager will connect with you to introduce our team and give you a brief overview of our process. From there, our team will guide you through a simple 5-step wealth management process on your own timeline.  You can learn more about how we have simplified the process of wealth management here.

How do you help clients that work in the tech industry?

With our business established in the Bay Area since the early 90s, we have worked with many tech professionals over the course of that time and understand the unique landscape of the industry. Tech rapidly changes, and so do the career opportunities and compensation packages. We understand all of these things and will act as a guide to help optimize your career in tech. If you'd like to learn more, visit our Tech Professionals resource page, and take our 4-minute tech assessment here.

How is MA Private Wealth a boutique firm?

When you work with our team, you will likely get to know all of our team members over the course of your partnership with us. Many of our clients have been with our firm for a minimum of 15 years; we are honored to have long-standing relationships with clients and their families. In an industry filled with call queues, automated phone systems, and chatbots, we take a different approach by providing you with personalized service, advice, and real people.

Do you work with clients outside of California?

Yes!  While we have two physical offices located in San Carlos and Campbell, CA, we partner with clients across the United States.  Our team has embraced the technological revolution expedited by the recent pandemic, and we are continuously looking for ways to enhance the client experience - regardless of location.



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